Unicorn Heads is a music production studio creating thematic mood music and compositions for film, online video, podcasts, and television.

Modern composition is mood music - evocative, stirring, emotional. Unicorn Heads provides original music to enhance the listener’s mood and the aural environment.

Connor O’Sullivan is an accomplished music producer with over a decade of experience in the audio post production industry, drawing from a diverse musical background producing Americana, rock, indie-rock, country, folk, dance, electronic, post-rock, IDM, ambient, and orchestral music.

Connor is also a professional bass player for the San Francisco-based band Midnight North, and created the boutique record label, Trazmick Recordings.

Connor graduated from Indiana University, where he studied science and music. Before entering the music industry full-time, he worked as a web developer for Apple and Charles Schwab in San Francisco, CA.


  • Music for Film
  • Music Composition
  • Library Music
  • Stock Music
  • Sound Design & Synthesis
  • Mixing
  • Ableton Live 11 Suite
  • Pro Tools
  • Logic Pro X





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